Alisha Ketry

Writer / Performer






Who dis, indeed. 

Alisha Ketry is a southern belle from Louisiana, although you'd never know it from her boring ass lack of a southern dialect. Don't let this deceive you; she is through and through whichever stereotype of a country-bumpkin-swamp-girl you prefer! 

She moved to Chicago after high school where she studied television writing at Columbia College and performed sketch comedy, until finally making the bold move to Los Angeles where she's ALIVE AND THRIVING, BABY (with two roommates and six figures of student loan debt)!  

Alisha's credits include Comedy Central Digital, Warner Bros. Writers Workshop Fellow - Class of 2016, Fuller House, and she is currently writing for American Dad. 

Her dream is to have a dog, but is afraid of the sadness that comes when it dies.  

She is fun!  

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